About "Outline Your Memoir: Eight Weeks to Structure"

This is the class I wish I’d had before I’d written my first book. In this course, you’ll gain all the information you need to write a compelling memoir. The goal is to end up with a completed outline by the end of our eight weeks together.

In order to outline your book, you first need to understand memoir-writing structure. Structure is synonymous with plot. However, memoir-writing structure is rarely intuitive. It’s a lot more like biology — it’s something you have to learn. There are rules to writing a memoir and without understanding them, it’s nearly impossible to write a good book.

I created this class because I wanted to share the information on structure I never found anywhere else, the information I learned over ten years of teaching memoir writing. 


Each week we'll advance one more step in crafting a successful memoir. Every seven days you'll get a video lecture and an assignment, which we'll discuss during our live weekly meeting.  


Mistakes you will learn to avoid:

  • Readers don’t get excited about your memoir because it’s not really about anything.
  • Your book doesn't create a sense of suspense.

  • Your reader gets lost in time.

  • Your reader gets the “Why is the author telling me this?” sensation.
  • You fall into the “This happened, then this” trap.
  • Your writing doesn’t affect your reader emotionally.

Not only will you avoid these traps that almost all first-time memoir writers fall into — by the end of the class, you should feel very much in control of your plot and have a strong sense of your prose style. In short, you will understand the rules that are absolutely essential to crafting a successful memoir.


This is the class I wish I'd had when I was first starting out. 

  • Week 1: Scenes are your building blocks

  • Week 2: Structuring your scenes

  • Week 3: Writing scenes with dialogue

  • Week 4: Your book in three acts

  • Week 5: Creating your chapters

  • Week 6: Using a narrative want to create structure

  • Week 7: Using a chapter premise for structure

  • Week 8: Transitions vs. scenes

I have an MBA and have taken lots of other writing classes. Is this the right class for me?

I am a newbie just starting my memoir. Will this class be too advanced?

I already have a lot of my book written. Should I still enroll in this class?

What will I have accomplished at the end of the eight weeks?

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